Wine & Dine Session @ PK Utrecht

60 Tracks in 3 Hours of Wining and Dining | Known and less known, downtempo classics to brandnew releases. Feat Beatsy Collins, Karim, Borrowed Identity, RSN, Snatch. M83, Gorillaz, Lemaitre, Massive Attack, Koop, Thievery Corporation, Nightmares On Wax, Bossa Trio, JJ Grey & Mofro, Lack Of Afro, Orgone, Cesaria Evora, J-San & Big Mean Sound Machine, Hess Is More,Chet Faker, Myles Sanko, The Neville Brothers, Lee Fields, Poldoore, Peshay, Slackwax, Apedroid… and so much more!

Juiceville II

Welcome back to Juiceville, enjoy our music! Once again a whole lotta fun with vintage vibes. This time featuring Bill Dogget, Klaus Weiss, Sevil & Ayla, Dr john the Night Tripper, Black Joe Lewis And The Honeybears, Baby Washington, Los Destellos, Encarnita Polo, Roland Covac Orchestra, Erlon Chaves e Banda Veneno and many others.


01 gianfranco reverberi – nel cimitero di tucson
02 oscar brown jr – but i was cool
03 filewile – kick the spacedrum
04 klaus weiss – jumping balls
05 lady linn – i dont wanna dance
06 the bas lexter ensample – hongkonglingling
07 hawa – sweet lucky day
08 brian bennett – boogie juice
09 rahsaan roland kirk – live excerpt
10 the guy barker international quintet – tu vuo fa lamericano
11 pachanga boys – fiesta forever
12 clark terry and c ofarrill – spanish rice
13 rabbit rumba – belen belen
14 don paulin – ananas
15 palov and mishkin – basking in the ambience (tm juke remix)
16 chambaril – desculpa ai
17 simone alma – fever
18 peter soto – boom boom
19 adriano celentano – mondo in mi 7a
20 frank sinatra – baubles bangles and beads
21 hugo montenegro and his orchestra – the godfather waltz