Wanted to make a mix like this for some time, here’s a little selection of a sound that’s been around since the early days. Lots of typical deep dubby layers of sound perfected by artists featured in this mix:  Alteria Percepsyne, Pendle Coven, Riley Reinhold, Sraunus, Juan Deminicis, Martin Schulte, Djrum  and others.


The only way is up with these technotic releases in the mix feat Low Volume,  Josh Lasden Synoptic, Phonic Funk, Shur-I-Kan, Alessio Mereu, Tim Xavier, Nicolas Masseyeff, Touzani Reda, Julio Escalante, Christian Llopis, Kristian Heikkila, Sasha Carassi, Kroman Celik, Hertz, Mikael Jonasson, Spektre, Mihalis Safras, Luigi Madonna, John Deere, Duca, Midimiliz, Expander, Thinkfreak and Deebugg!