Mood Patterns Vol 26

Get ready for a fresh new blast of downtempo flavours from around the world. All tracks were remixed with samples, basslines, effects and instrumental re-cuts into a smooth journey with brandnew releases and some classic gems. Once again, enjoy the flight! Featured artists: Medl4, Griff, Headphonics, General Elektriks, 01-N, Emiliana Torrini, Ziggy Phunk, Chemical Brothers, Dokkerman & The Turkeying Fellaz, Kabanjak, Lionrock, Zagar, Kognitif, Mark Guiliana, Warpaint, Ancient Astronauts, Hugo Kant, DJ Nu-Mark, Templo, Umoja, Earl Zinger, The Expansions, Puracane, Criolo, Esbe, 5AM, Beasty Boys, Second Sky, Kyteman, Morcheeba, Led Zeppelin, Steef, All India Radio, Diamond Version, Bikya, Wetrobots, Funk Busters & Tsoi

Worldbeat Fusion

April 2016 – An eclectic mix with beats and sounds from all continents. Included are Tinariwen members Imarhan, releasing an album in April 2016. In addition Hindi music influenced trip hop by Padma Purana, and upbeat middle eastern Dabke beats with Omar Souleyman from Syria. Furthermore, the trio Africaine 808, clearly audible from ‘Techno capital’ Berlin with their spellbinding global electronics. And there is much more mixed and mashed like Ritmo Machine (Latin Bitman + Eric Bobo), Inna Modja, Mr Bird, Cockney Nutjob, El Remolón, Drumspyder, MC YOGI, Alsarah & The NubatonesKing Coya, Acapulco Zombie and many others.

Baking The Funk

this episode ranked 1st in the Breaks chart, 1st in the Party Music Chart at mixcloud. Fresh beats by Acoosmik, SkiiTour, DJ Jimi Needles, Phil Weeks, Timewarp inc, Sundayman, Fantastikoi Hxoi, Kenny Summit, The Grand Martini, Bedford Falls Players, Ursula 1000, Skeewiff, Fort Knox Five, Rock Candy Funk Party, Ashley Beedle, Kalyanji Anandji, misterT, DJ Hiphoppapotamus and many other top notch artists in the mix. More by Funkafied (Rafadelic & Ronny Hammond) at Mixcloud and Remixes + Edits at Soundcloud.