Comments and Feedback

I feel deeply honored by so much positive feedback from artists and listeners worldwide connecting cultures.
Thanks for your support!

“Your selections never fail to put us in a good mood. Amazing tunes we not heard before. Ear orgasms! many thanks. big up for sharing, keep on!”
–, London

“I’ve been following your work, under all of your aliases, all over mixcloud past few days; there is only one thing that I can say: RESPECT!!! I would like to hear you play in Zagreb. Peace”
– NotForSale, Zagreb

“Quality Mixing !”
– Breakin Bread, London (

“Mood Patterns, you select downtempo music using the most sophisticated criteria one can use in a set. And the mixing, just amazing! So, great listening to your sets.”
– Spyros Kappa, Athens

“Brilliant artwork, perfect tunes and proper way of serving them. Mannn, 10 out of 10 from me! Well done!”
– Numedian, London, UK

“You’re remix of Venus has just what it needed, a few subtle touches, thank you !”
– Dimitry From Paris, France –

“Such a good playlist thanks for having us on it Rafranga!
– Forro in The Dark, New York

“I’ve become addicted”
– Archibald, Budapest Hungary

“Love Your Mix!”
– Lady Kier (Dee-Lite, UK) –

“This is immense! A complete joy from start to finish. It’s a tonic for the soul (and the feet). Absolutely spot on in every way.”
– DJ Kaboodle, UK

“I heard you on HBR1 Radio. ME GUSTA MUCHO YOUR MIXES! best regards,”
– Fernando, Brazil

“A killer remix of ‘No Kid’ man, I Love it…”
– Rudeboy / Urban Dance Squad, NL

“You crazy openminded! Love that. You’re the next one for Broadcast, Cheers!”
– Tales From The Crate Radio Show, Belgium

“Great mix mate, cheers for the support”
– Renegades of Jazz, Hannover

“Biggup Your Chest”
– Jon Kennedy, Bristol, UK

“A little late checking this out. Great mix, great selection and really enjoying the vibe. more pls!”

“Thanx for your support !!! cheers from Sofia :)”
– DJ Lion, Sofia, Bulgaria

“Luvin’ Ur Work!! Top Bombing Tunes!”
– Iain Mackinnon (Club Les Enfants, Barcelona)

“Made an old man feel very young again!”
– Martyn Bailey, Sheffield, UK

“Very, very cool. Deserves recognition. Deserves to be listened”
– The Hedonist, London, UK

“Hi, Automagic is a really good mix, great tracklist and many thanks supporting my remix of Echotek! Cheers”
– Sérgio Oliveira aka Nano-Mechanic, Lisbon, Portugal

“Thank you so much !!!!! You made somebody happy today! Your work touch me and I really thank you for those beautiful travels you create.Take care, bye bye”
– Cha Botaj, France

“Dope. Super dope. Love the smooth transitions, top-shelf tracks and the eclectic variety.” – Deekron Krikorian, New York

“Impressed! Keep mixing!”
– Timurx, Russia

“I think my ears are officially broken. This is too good!”
– Tapaboy, London, UK

“Amazing, Loving every track.. BIG respect…”
– Honeymonster, London UK

“Amazingly smooth mix of downtempo, trip hop and psyambient that really hits a sweet spot.” – Tribal Pilot, Tokyo

“waw! love love your mixes – I just spent 5 weeks of studying for my exams – must have listened to all your mixes at least 2 times while studying – best work-music I know great work, thks!”
– Flo, Belgium

“I can meditate to this so well. Thank you so much”
– T Graham, USA

“Hey baba, love your chill mixes, hope to meet you one day!”
– Max G aka Gridlock, London UK

“Good set you have there called Tronic Beatbox, nice ambient- soft-synthed set! regards!”
– The Fever Experience, Barcelona

“I heard your music by Winamp Radio… and I can’t stop swinging my body! So trancy tune! Please come my country! or I have to go Netherlands… so.. great..!! Thank you for givin me good musik! bye!”
– Iyo, Japan

“I’ve taken off like a rocket listening to this :)”
– Agent Starling (LSDisco, Berlin Germany)

“Sounds really Good. I love it. Very well put together. I love the transition throughout. Peace”
– Faction, Bristol UK

“Simply Awesome!”
– Pinstriped, Canada

“u are great! love your mixes!!! just fantastic !!! … good music !!!” big up-rock on”
– Marco Hühn, Germany

“Nice job ! Thanks for the experience!”
– Black Felix, Croatia

– David Miles, Costa Rica

“Great ‘cast.. and Peyote Lullaby is possibly my favourite mixcloud name ever!”
– Open Source Transmission, London, UK

“I love your chill mixes!”
– Klangfreund, Germany

“oooh yeeeaah! u got the groove!!! funky-balkan-salsa-souljazz in da same mix! I luv it! Makes me dance, i do not control! keep going on!”
– Sebos, Paris, France

“Muchas Gracias, Love your Stuff!!!”
– Ibiza / South Africa

“Fantastic. Well done!”
– DJ Kolibri, UK

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