Raf is a DJ, producer and groove specialist. He anticipated at the cradle of many new (sub)genres since the late eighties and early nineties.

“Life is too short for boring music”

As a child no day went by without listening to music. There were thousands of vinyls to explore in my dads collection and that’s exactly what I did since a young age. At school I started performing when the early Hip Hop virus got me writing raps and making mixtapes. Not in the last place by seeing Ronny Hammond perform with a breakdance crew. He became a good friend. This soon brought me amazing experiences like jamming on stage with Hans & Candy Dulver in Paradiso, performing as ‘Treetop Unit’ (with Kid Sundance from Eindhoven) supporting artists like De La Soul and Paris and baking breakbeats with Dutch mix-champion Hyped Hendriks.

Roxy, 1991

We toured, got airplay on dutch station VPRO and shared the stage with artists like Adamski & Guru Josh (Paradiso), released an album & 12 inch with “Back by Dope Demand” King Bee and shared the studio with Rudeboy (Urban Dance Squad) and Kool Keith (Ultramagnetic MC’s) among others breaking barriers for upcoming genres. Those artists still inspire me a lot. As electronic dancemusic exploded into many forms and scenes, deejaying became my main passion for several years, grabbing the latest exciting vinyl releases. I was resident DJ at “The Jungle” and humbly shared the turntables with dutch legends Dano, 100% Isis, Eboman, Abraxas, Spider Willem, Eddy de Clerq and others.

Waakzaamheid, 2003

When faster styles emerged in partyland I maintained a progressive approach with favourite labels R&S, Harthouse, Tresor, Eye-Q, Music-Man, Superstition, Platipus and Rising High and a whole lotta funny colourful whitelabels. I became a big fan of The Orb, DJ Shadow, Juno Reactor, Primal Scream, Red Snapper, The Future Sound of London, Afro Celt Soundsystem, Loop Guru and merely the whole Planet Dog Catalogue.

Loved playing at downtempo areas mashing funky stuff with 303 basslines, 808 kicks & JP-8000 strings… Besides I became friends with musicians and music lovers sharing amazing collections of rare vinyl and we started visiting (and organizing) outdoor parties and concerts supporting local concert nights in many genres at several bars and venues. 60s 70s, Blues, Rock, Reggae, Ska, Americana, Afrobeat, Latin, Funk etc.

Reggae Sundance Festival 2014

Furthermore some highlights: Loved doing a six hour Ethnogroove DJ-Set at Folkfestival Dranouter in Belgium and being lined-up at some of the best events by Nexus, Zirk, Cosmic Combination, Orkz, 4X4, Empathy, Namasté Arc of Goa. Notable is the great time I had organizing a few crowded progressive parties entitled Spiral Sessions with deejays from The Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK and Germany. Since the early days I still occasionally team up with DJ Ronny Hammond under the alias “Funkafied”, mashing up 70’s boogie jazz & disco tunes with dancefloor sounds of today. I’m practising the magic of dynamic downtempo mixing as ‘Mood Patterns‘ (check it out in the archives) for a steady worldwide fanbase at mixcloud and editor plus host on HBR1-Radio focusing mainly on progressive techhouse and quality downtempo stuff. On the Reggae Sundance Festival 2014 I did an electronic dub-set deep into the night, just after headliner UB40 performed, In 2015 I played at some real good and creative parties, also at Club Lite a few times (Check the recordings on this blog). and there’s nice memories playing at legendary venues. Recently I played in Club Lite, Dansmakers, Rotown and some outdoor events like Magneet Festival and Jazz in Duketown.

Feel welcome to surf this blog if you’re into discovering good music.