Solta a Franga | Sitar Edition

Used throughout the Indian subcontinent, particularly in Northern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, the sitar (Hindi: सितार, Bengali: সেতার, Urdu: ستار, Persian: سی‌تار ) became known in the western world through the work of Pandit Ravi Shankar in the late 1950s. The Sitar is ubiquitous since the Middle Ages and still played and sampled in contemporary genres. Like within the realms of Funk: on account of artists like The Bamboos, Sohail RanaMorcheeba, Dust Galaxy (Rob Garza), Sansura, Fort Knox Five, Thievery Corporation, Bob Sinclair, Mukta, Bebo Best and other artists integrating the instrument with spot on grooves. Enjoy this right here in the special Rafadelic mixture for you to enjoy.