Tales in Jazz #011

Alternative, freestyle and ethnic Jazz for experienced ears.

01 Lido by Les Prospections
02 Facing Death by Afrikan Protokol
03 Blackism by Vibration Black Finger
04 Sound Sacrament by Black Flower
05 Eple by 3io
06 Yutaka by Andi Hanley Edits
07 Yemaya by Atlantis Jazz Ensemble
08 Ghosts of the City by Tuatara
09 The Quietening by Menagerie
10 Joint 17 by Yussef Kamaal
11 Fe Fe Naa Efe by Laurent de Wilde
12 Born Slippy by Fox Capture Plan
13 La Jungla by Harold Lopez Nussa
14 The Infamous by Butch C. Vogt
15 Colchiques by Eddie Louiss

Radiant Session

Intuitive selection of progessive electronica. Mostly released last 6 months, some just out. No edits this time, giving these tunes their space. The 1st hour mostly dowtempo dubby, The 2nd and 3th hour more uptempo. Contains tracks on some essential record labels: Lost & Found, Cosmicleaf Records, Click Records, Balance Music, Liquid Sound Design, Balkan Connection, Massive Harmony and many more.

complete tracklist: https://justpaste.it/1ht5t